Monday, September 18, 2006

I have been wanting to move into a condo for a couple of months. I've revamped my house to get it "ready" to sell. I called a realestate agent who came Thursday afternoon to write up a sellers contract for me. Listed it Friday, sold it Saturday. So I'm now homeless. LOL not technically until the middle of October. Praying for the right home to come available as quickly as this one sold. Wait...why am I moving again? LOL

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Back from vacation. I typed out a couple of cute post while on vacation but now I'm bored with them and I don't feel like posting them. Not like anyone is reading this anyway huh? OK so today is the first day of Georgia's season. We're playing some highschool team lol! The score is like 41-7 so I'm not watching it. I hope this pulls us up in the standings. The next new project in my life is selling my home and buying a condo. I hate yard work. Why do I have one? I signed papers today at Be praying that the favor of God is with me in the sale of my current home.
I have a new song that has become my favorite. Its a Hillsong United song called From the Inside Out. Here is a link to their web page click on the "Listen Now" link at the top right. Great song!!