Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Heaven Meets Earth…

Last week during my church’s worship service the words to the song How He Loves were transcribed and projected as, “When heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” when the lyrics are written as, “When heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss.” It, at first, made me smile/blush~ then giggle. It reminds me of that blog post I did a while back about who is hearing what. It amplifies to me that we can all be hearing the same heavens song yet interpret differently the word, sometimes without altering the meaning of the message. I can only speculate that in that audience on that day someone needed a sloppy wet kiss from God… As for me, I think all of my future kisses are unforeseen!

**See Dan's comments...apparently it was written as sloppy wet kiss!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NeedToBreathe's The Outsiders

We have all felt like the Outsider, either as the only Christian in a group of non-believers, or at a small group meeting having not studied the weekly lesion. Somewhere inside of each of us there is a rejected thread of life leading us to feel the sting of being an outsider.

"I've been wondering if we start sinking could we sand our ground? After everything we've learned we've finally come to terms…we are the outsiders" NeedToBreathe has done what to most would be impossible. They not only avoided the "sophomore slump" with their second CD, The Heat. They have came back with a third CD that will forever solidify them as one of the best bands recording CD's today, in any genre. If CCM were looking for new "darlings" to represent the Christian market in a secular arena NeedToBreathe would be their best bet. According to their fan site, The Breathers, NeedToBreathe will be the supporting band for Kings of Leon on a portion of their fall tour in addition to headlining their own tour. Very busy band for sure.

Every song on The Outsiders is a stand alone radio hit. There is not one that stands out or lags behind the rest, making it hard for a critic to single out highlights for a review. Lay `Em Down is the first radio offering that the band laid on the turn table. Opening with heavy drum/stomp track that reminds you of an 80's fist pumping arena rock song, Lay `Em Down "makes good on a promise" of a great CD.

If you think that you've heard These Hard Times before even though its your fist time hearing the CD, you are probably correct. The song is currently being used as the intro on NBC's fall show Mercy. If the secular market is confused as to whether these guys are truly a Christian band the words to These Hard Times, "Give me something sacred, something worth fighting for. Its clear enough to me the ugliness I see is evidence of who I need… give me the faith to believe in these hard times" should help clarify things.

For those in the Christian market who are confused as to whether these guys are truly a Christian band the words to Garden, "Let the songs I sing bring joy to you. Let the words I say profess my love, let the notes I chose be your favorite tune, Father let my heart be after you" should help to clarify things for them! Rarely, if ever, has there been a band that can write a CD of such diverse offerings that would honestly appeal to both Christian and secular music fans. I believe it is because this CD is full of GREAT music… no matter what genre you support you can appreciate that.

There are a couple of tracks on The Outsiders that I am looking forward to see if they translate well into a live show. One being Let Us Love, again for the arena-anthem- rock style of the song, the other is Stones Under Rushing Water, a slower love song. A couple of fun sing along songs round out the CD, each deserving a spotlight of their own.

This CD is simply "Something Beautiful." If you have the opportunity to play music at work, where not everyone scribes to CCM, The Outsiders is the CD you need to bring along. "I can't figure out just how much air I will need to breathe, when your wave crashes over me." Let NeedToBreathe' s The Outsiders crash over you and become an Outsider. It will soon become a favorite in your play list.