Monday, August 08, 2011


Seattle, WA...August 05, 2011...Earlier this year BEC Recordings’ announced the signing of female singer/songwriter Jessa Anderson. Her label debut, Not Myself Anymore, will release on September 13. The new single, “Fireflies” was co-written by Phillip LaRue and Pete Kipley and is going for adds at radio August 19. Fans can hear the new song as well as listen to Jessa talk about the meaning behind the song here. The label debut album is produced by Brandon Perdue and Kevin Bruchert as well as Pete Kipley on two tracks.

A 20-something Michigan native, Jessa, met her singer/songwriter husband, Jordan, while touring with Cedarville University. Shortly after she transferred to Belmont University and they married, the couple decided to pursue music full-time. With no back-up plan, they struck out on their own recording albums independently and booking their own shows. Jordan plays guitar for his wife, and he and their young daughter (Lorelei, of course inspired by “Gilmore Girls”) continue to travel with Jessa full-time. Her goal in songwriting and being an artist includes honesty and a genuineness that can be found in her music and life.

“We have a real life, and part of that is our relationship with God and praising Him, but other than that you’re taking your kids to school or you’re going to work or whatever you have to do that day. So to focus only on that one little sliver in your songwriting feels like cheating people out of what really happens,” shares Anderson, who believes talking about real-life issues makes her music accessible to Christians and non-Christians alike. “If all I say is ‘I love God,’ then [non-believers are] wondering, ‘OK, what if I don’t?’ I think everyone can relate on some level whether you have the same religious beliefs or not. Hopefully, I can connect with people and then share what God’s done in my life.”

Jessa will be taking this genuine approach on the road, as she will be touring with label-mate The Museum for the second leg of the Not For Sale Tour. It is through the Not For Sale tour that the artists hope to help people, regardless of their age or life stage, realize everyone has a roll to play to fight trafficking. She will also be traveling for dates in October overseas in Germany.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make your move

My favorite band, Third Day, released a new CD called Move. And so that's what I did! I know it had nothing to do with Third Day and more to do with my mother being sick again. I've known for years that there were storms coming that can't be prayed away. So in this we will stand...and having done all~stand. But what happens when the ground your standing on shakes beneath your feet, and the life is sucked out of the air that you breath? You stand. You stand until the day comes that you no longer stand here but stand before the God that you've believed in, that you've trusted in, who is your beginning and your end. I walked through death with my daddy, and while I'm not ready to go there with my mom, I am willing to stand, and trust in Jesus, my only hope. Leaning on friends doesn't mean that your not standing on your just means your standing along side those who've chosen to stand with you. Ideally you'll be standing so close that you wont notice that your leaning... So forget that song by the Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me...I want, and need, all the friends who are not afraid to walk through the valley to stand again on the mountain of God with me! There will be dark days ahead, but there will be memories made that can't be taken away. Treasure your health. Treat it better than your wealth. And having done all...stand.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Houston...We've had a problem

I have been writing most of my life. As a child, maybe just the requirements, but as I moved into High School I expanded my creative process. I wrote for the school news paper. I wrote for the city news paper. I secured a job writing commercials for the local radio station. I wrote songs for my yet-to-be-formed rock band, Fluid Vision. I wrote.
In December of 2008 my father died. For 2009 I slowed down in my writing. Forcing myself to complete a couple of assignments and attending my usual events, (like the Doves.) In 2010 I stopped writing. I don’t know if it can completely be blamed on depression over my fathers death, or on technology overload, heaven knows I put enough “tweets” and “Facebook status updates” out there. I had a really great friend tell me that I had moved my “line” in the sand. That I was allowing things to flow out of me that she hadn’t seen or heard before. I dismissed her comments (and quite frankly her) for a brief time.
In August of 2008 I had moved away from Jacksonville, FL, my home and my home church. I have been faithfully attending churches in Houston, but not really “feeling” any of them. I think I attended out of guilt. Not wanting to walk away “from” God but not exactly walking “toward” Him either. We’ve all read the scripture about your first love (Rev 2:4) It has played in my head for a year. Another scripture also plagued me over the past year is James 3:10-11. I have begun a new journey with a church here in Houston that I finally feel at home in. There, I have begun a new study…on James. Its funny how God can take simple words on a page and make them hit you where your hurting, yet use that hurting to heal you!
My first loves were simple: writing and music. While I’ve dreamed the lofty dreams of writing the song that touches the emotions of all who hear it, I’ve yet to hear one of my songs sung. But I have written the reviews, done the interviews, and seen my work in print (my own byline both in digital and actual print).
Houston, yes, we’ve had a problem. But I am praying that 2011 moves me back into God’s will for my life. I believe that it is writing, until He shows me something else, I will once again… write.