Thursday, November 29, 2007

Blog update...

My brother, sister in law and I completely did the Thanksgiving dinner at mom & dads. She hasn’t been able to eat anything so she’s wasting away a little. (Lost about 15 lbs in 2 weeks) The rest of her hair fell out from everywhere so we were glad that she had already shaved it short and gotten a wig. She has had tattooed make-up for years so its not that noticeable that her eyebrows/lashes are gone. She was actually able to eat some that day and it made her feel better that she didn’t have to do anything. She’s a little weak. I’ve been “finding” things for her to do for me because she’s feeling useless d/t her weakness.

I put up her Christmas tree and Jeff Jr and I decorated it on thanksgiving day while she watched. It was overall a very good day.

There was an evangelist that works for the Daystar TV network that came and our pastor let him preach a service. At the end he said that he doesn’t usually pray for people but he felt lead to pray for some people in our congregation. ( I was operating a camera that day) He said that he had such a strong feeling that someone had an issue w/ their back and back pain that needed prayer. I RAN up front to have him pray for me. (This was two weeks ago) And I HAVE NOT HAD ANY BACK PAIN since then!! I know that God healed me that morning!! Its not good news to the lawyer who is handling my suit against the other driver but at this point I don’t care. I’ll take pain free over money ANYDAY!!