Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This is not a costume

I'll be the first to admit that I don't watch ABC's show The View. So I am not familiar with all of the personalities or even the demographic audience that watches the show. I was alerted today on social media about a segment that aired on the show: http://youtu.be/WNQW9l5_2y4 

When I saw this it angered me, probably more than it should have.  I heard the question: "Why does she have a doctors stethoscope on?"  As if to imply that only doctors should ever need one of those! It also suggested that Ms Colorado was wearing some sort of costume. The segment also stated that Ms Colorado "basically read her emails out loud." All to a sound track of laughter.  I dare say they didn't actually listen to anything that Ms Colorado had to say. Her monologue was not the stuff of forward:forward:forward emails.  It was a heartfelt, honest portrayal of what a nurse does daily. 
Nursing requires not only intelligence, dedication (and a college degree) it also requires a certain level of skill and tact in dealing with emotional families/ patients in what is often a very stressful situation.  This shouldn't be new groundbreaking information. You'd  think that the talent of a cast that has a national platform would have known that Ms Colorado wasn't wearing a costume, in fact you'd think they understood or used their vast research department to learn what a stethoscope is used for, and who it is that uses them. I hope that this faux pas on the part of the entertainment team of The View catapults into conversation what exactly is a nurse. I am tired of everyone who wears scrubs at a hospital being considered a nurse. Just in case someone reads this who has a question: a certified nursing assistant is NOT a nurse. A medical assistant is NOT a nurse. (But guess what? Both of those professions also require the use of a stethoscope!)  While we're on the topic, there IS a huge difference between a licensed practical nurse (LPN) and a registered nurse (RN.)  I will address that later. My hope is that nursing, specifically the RN profession, will use this to help educate and define what it means to be nurse!! 
I recently broke my arm (at work) and while I am a patient I am still working taking care of patients. Because I am a nurse and #ThisIsNotACostume