Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vayomer elohim yehior vayehior

A couple of weeks ago the associate pastor at my church made a comment that was repeated in Sunday school this past week.  In the beginning.  Genesis 1:3 Let Gods light be (in the original Hebrew translation.)   Not God's light, but Gods light.  Yet the sun and the moon were not created until day 4 (Genesis 1:14).  The light that was on day one, in the beginning, was the light that IS God, that light is the Word.  In order to create with words, he had to create THE Word.  When that concept hit my brain a mini explosion went off *boom* #mindblown!  I was seriously sitting there in church trying not to start the slow clap, because it took a second for the whole concept to reach maturity in my thought process!

Just considering the fact that, in order to create with words He had to create the Word, in itself is a staggering concept.  It's so simple, and so easy to just dismiss as a "duh" type statement, but if you really ponder the thought, it has the potential to really excite you.  Then add to the mix; the first light created is the Word.  I've always just assumed that the sun and the moon were the first lights and overlooked the fact that they weren't created until day 4.  Or, I've rationalized that the first day/night scenario was the "first earth" that was destroyed before Adam and Eve's earth that we now know.  But the more I look at it, the more I think/believe that this first light was the Word itself.  The trinity is the Father, Spirit, and the Son (Jesus) who is also known as the Word.  With that belief, then the original light that was spoken into existence on day one of creation is Jesus!  *boom*

That's the belief I choose.  That's the praise I choose.  Have a blessed high holy season this Easter. Arise, shine for the light has come!!