Saturday, August 16, 2008

Generation Kill

Has anyone been following this show on HBO? I would love to hear from some service people. Tonights episode, Burning Dog, starts off with our military watching a village, identifying only women and children. Then blowing the village off the face of the planet. Please tell me this isn't a truthful depiction of what is really going on. If so, can anyone explain the logic?

Hey Jennifer & Jason thank you so much for installing my new closet. I won't keep repeating the same mistakes. ;) Thanks for your unconditional support of all of my harebrained ideas too. Your the greatest!! LOL

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P. Massimo Granieri said...

Hi! "I won't forget" (Parabols) is a song of Parabols ( Bye - Janny Leno is famous in Italy, also Dave Letterman...