Monday, November 03, 2008

Third Day on the third day

I have never finished my Texas trio Music Builds reviews... San Antonio is the only one left to go...

I've know for years that the last will be first and the first will be last but... Trying to beat the Houston show I knew was going to be a hard thing to accomplish. To make matters worse my seats were in Row M, going against the "If we ain't front row we don't go" Gomer motto. For Jars Of Clay, I knew the crowd weren't going to be in their seats yet so I did snag an empty front row seat for that. Chance and I left to go stand in the meet & greet line for Jars but did not make it to the front before the band was whisked away. We missed most of Robert Randolphs set in an effort to rehydrate before taking our place in the back of the front section for Switchfoot. Everything I've ever heard about the acoustics being better from the back, and the view of the entire stage & crowd response jargon was TOTALLY DISPROVED by these seats. My camera was dead, and I really didn't want pictures from back there anyway.

After the "Friends of the Foot" took off for their meet & greet I snagged a second row seat. One "legal" seat that was to belong to Tim, and 3 illegal-empty-seats that did have very young energetic kids. I will never understand why people come to a show (late at that) holding second row seats and then want to SIT DOWN for a show, but that is what happened~ half way through Third Day's set. (They also picked a slow song when everyone is praising to try and get to their seats... if anything else was moving on that song...they totally distracted it) I always wonder about the arms-crossed-sitting-people too. I wondered why they even came to the show. Then I decided to just praise anyway. They decided to remain seated.

After the show I got to meet some more Gomers who I had talked to, but never met face-to-face. Very lovely people! If it weren't for meeting them I'd probably list this as one of my least favorite Third Day shows.

I'm looking forward to the fall tour dates because NEEDTOBREATHE is our on tour with Third Day. My "Dream Line-Up" would be: DecembeRadio, NeedToBreathe, and Third Day.... ahhhhhh two out of three ain't bad!!

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