Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make your move

My favorite band, Third Day, released a new CD called Move. And so that's what I did! I know it had nothing to do with Third Day and more to do with my mother being sick again. I've known for years that there were storms coming that can't be prayed away. So in this we will stand...and having done all~stand. But what happens when the ground your standing on shakes beneath your feet, and the life is sucked out of the air that you breath? You stand. You stand until the day comes that you no longer stand here but stand before the God that you've believed in, that you've trusted in, who is your beginning and your end. I walked through death with my daddy, and while I'm not ready to go there with my mom, I am willing to stand, and trust in Jesus, my only hope. Leaning on friends doesn't mean that your not standing on your just means your standing along side those who've chosen to stand with you. Ideally you'll be standing so close that you wont notice that your leaning... So forget that song by the Police, Don't Stand So Close To Me...I want, and need, all the friends who are not afraid to walk through the valley to stand again on the mountain of God with me! There will be dark days ahead, but there will be memories made that can't be taken away. Treasure your health. Treat it better than your wealth. And having done all...stand.

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