Saturday, April 27, 2013

National Park Week

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings  house and farm yard a National Register of Historic Places -listed in 1970.  If you are not familiar with her, she wrote The Yearling.  I was so impressed with her.  Had we been alive at the same time, I bet we would have been best friends!

While in the area I stopped at Paynes Prairie. Not a national park but a state park of Florida.  I was excited to visit this place because it has bison, wild horses and a bald eagles nest!  I was able to get a photo of the nest but not the eagle.  I would loved to have caught them in flight!  It was a dreary day with intermittent showers but occasionally the clouds would hold their water and allow me to snap a couple of shots.  I am trying to learn the art of capturing a refraction in drop of water.  I was able to snap two, but they're my first two.  I expect to get better with the next outing!  

This week is National Park Service Week.  Grab your Timberland's and find a trail! Don't forget if you can't find a trail, make your own! 

I am happy to report that, depending on where I stand on my scale I have lost somewhere between 28-38 pounds.  I have not changed my diet yet, and I'm sure that if I could give up my sweet tea, or maybe Frosty Flakes I could lose more.  But I'm not one to turn lose of things, or deprive myself! HAHA!  If you have a couple of hours this week, find a trail.  It's much easier to endure than running, or walking a treadmill, or even walking the block!  Have fun, stay safe and let me know how it's going for you.

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