Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grace Can!

Hey everyone... what’s up? How have you been? I recently got finished watching Rock of Love re-runs and feel all the more stupid-er for it. I got to catch the last 3 episodes and the reunion special. :rolleyes: And yup you guessed it... no remote control for the tv (why else would I have watched it?)

So I'm reading in John and the verse catches my attention 1:16 "grace for grace." It's been rolling around in there for a couple of days. I have received grace for grace! Glory to God! He gives me the grace I need for grace! So that "All that the Father giveth me shall come to me!" And that of all which he has given me I should lose nothing!(6:37 & 39)

I’m so thankful that in this hard time He is still drawing me. That He hasn’t left me to myself and my own ways. I’ve had some problems with Chance lately. But God says that all he has given me... I should lose nothing!!! He also says that I can have my seed and my seeds seed so there is more to come! I’m thankful that others are there for me so that we can pull him thru this. My bestest friend assures me that he’s not the first teenager and I’m not the first single mom dealing with it! Hallelujah!!

Mom has started a new type of chemo. Her first dose went pretty smooth so maybe next time she won’t have to stay so long for the treatment. Now if daddy would just take care of himself! LOL.
It’s not a small world anymore. And I have a big year ahead. But I’m not viewing it as a “New” beginning with a clean slate like I heard others say. I’m tired of going around the same mountain over and over again. I’m moving along and pressing ahead and getting involved with what God gives. In spite of me and what I see it’s all because of calvary that GRACE CAN!

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