Monday, December 22, 2008

Daddy's tribute

First of all let say that I am deeply honored that MercyMe allowed me to use their words when I was unable to reach inside to find my own. However, last night, around 3 AM God woke me up with this on my mind. I have to repent for not having a pen/paper around, so not all of it is here. This is only what I was able to capture after note pad opened up... This is what was read today at my daddy's funeral service. The honor guard was there for the 21 gun salute & played taps for him making it an altogether lovely service, fitting for a man who served his country, his family and his God with all he had until his last breath.

As you saw into heaven
and your praise began to rise
I felt so humbled and honored
to be at your side.
As God drew close to draw you near
You raised your hands in praise
As Hallelujah filled the air.
The legacy left by your good name
Is a blessing beyond all wealth or fame.
You knew how to love and live in His grace
You walked in His favor and His blessing
Always seeking His face.
In my heart you'll always be here
Your words will always resound in my ears
"I love you princess" you would say
And I've never doubted it- not even today
If you could come back
But for one brief hour
I know your words to me would be
"Hold on to Jesus, baby."
To say I'll miss you doesn't even reflect
The emotions I'm trying to keep in check
Even though I am sad that you are gone.
I love you daddy, but I'll see you again
When its finally my turn to come home
And join you again.

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Rose R said...

Beautiful. *Hugs*