Monday, December 01, 2008

Renee is the best surgical tech ever!!!

If anyone wants to hire her and pay her more-money-than-a-tech-should make, just call me and I'll hook you guys up.

OK Renee, happy?

This is my last week working at TOPS surgical in Houston. I will be sad to go. I am glad that I get to go home to visit with the family for most of December and the Christmas holiday season.

AMN/ Preferred has finally gotten all of my payroll issues worked out. I can now testify that they have made good on my pay. Its almost scary to change companies right now. What if I start over with a new company and I have to start over with the same problems.

From all of the message boards that I've been keeping up with, all of the travel companies have these same problems. Once you know how to cover yourself, understand all the guidelines, deadlines and rules then you are set.

At this point I'm not sure that they even want to keep me on! LOL. I guess I can be a little "wordy" at times. Although, when communicating face to face, I am respectful and polite. Who knows where everything stands at this point.

Daddy is in a hospice hospital now. I'm not sure when he is going to be transferred to the house. I know Mom is looking forward to having me home when he makes the transfer. This will be one of those times when my home health care experience is handy.

My Dawgs lost to Ga.Tech. Texas Tech is being shut out from the BCS National Championship game... The Jags are currently losing to the Houston Texans. EVERYTHING on the sports front pretty much sucks for me! I wonder if UGA is even gonna get a bowl game this year :-( *Sigh* OH well... next year is only a couple of weeks away ;-)

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