Saturday, May 12, 2007

~The Frequency~

Something happened last Sunday that I’ve spent a week mulling over, I’ve been consumed with these thoughts yet unable to find the correct words. Please read the whole story before making a judgement.
We have new cameras at church. Our regular switcher/ editor/ producer has been ill so I’m the fill in person. Last week while attempting to switch there were people in the contro9l room talking. The camera men were both talking. The pastor was in mind sermon talking. I wasn’t involved in any of the conversations yet I was aware of all their voices. My mind began to wander, I thought "I wonder if when the semi truckers go by will we still pick up a "squeal" on our head sets as they use their radios?...Oh wait.. No, we have these set up with cables not using airway frequencies. Simultaneously both camera men jerk their cameras as they fumble for their mic on switch and in stereo they say, "Ow, what was that?" "What was what?".. "That high pitched squeal, it like seriously hurt my ears!" I tuned to the people doing the sound- "Did y’all get anything?" The camera men- "No it wasn’t in the sanctuary it was in the head set.
All week I’ve played this scene over in my head. I know what happened. Our camera men are young men. They heard a frequency that I can no longer hear. My mind/brain somehow processed the information of the sound that my ears couldn’t translate.
All week I’ve thought, God you are speaking out of heaven over me & my life. My mind knows this, I believe that its happening yet my ears aren’t always able to hear your frequency.
"He who has an ear. Let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches..."Revelation 2:7
God I don’t want to miss anything else! Re-tune my ears to hear your frequency!

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