Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When Heaven Meets Earth…

Last week during my church’s worship service the words to the song How He Loves were transcribed and projected as, “When heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss” when the lyrics are written as, “When heaven meets earth like an unforeseen kiss.” It, at first, made me smile/blush~ then giggle. It reminds me of that blog post I did a while back about who is hearing what. It amplifies to me that we can all be hearing the same heavens song yet interpret differently the word, sometimes without altering the meaning of the message. I can only speculate that in that audience on that day someone needed a sloppy wet kiss from God… As for me, I think all of my future kisses are unforeseen!

**See Dan's comments...apparently it was written as sloppy wet kiss!

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Dan Gross said...

As I mentioned on Twitter (and re-post here for the benefit of your readers), "Sloppy wet kiss" are the original lyrics as written by John Mark McMillan. DC*B, after much deliberation and consultation (and permission of) John Mark changed the lyrics to "Unforeseen."

Youtube video with him explaining the inspiration behind the song here:

Blog entry from John Mark about the lyric change: