Monday, January 21, 2013

52 Parks~52 Weeks Week Three

This past week at work I shared with a surgeon what I was doing with these next 50 weekends. He told me that parks like Timucuan / Ft. Caroline don't "count" as National Parks. To which I promptly replied, this is my challenge and I'm making the rules. So there you go! I am saying if they are listed on the National Park Service  then they count!!

For this week’s challenge I went to Cumberland Island GA. I had all intentions of getting to the ferry at 9AM to make the 5-6 hour guided ranger tour, and make it to the church that JKF Jr. got married in. However, on this cold dreary morning I decided sleep was more important than history. I regretted that decision!  After a ferry ride over to the island I got off at the Sea Camp stop so that I could make sure I got the stamp for my passport book that can only be gotten on the island. A short hike along the River Trail lead me to the Ice House Museum then off to the Dungeness Ruins. 

Just a small side note here, of all the parks I've been to, not just this year but all in general, this one has the worst maps and signage.  I can follow a map.  I can follow directions.  But tails not listed on the map but marked with signs that indicate areas that aren't on the map, like the Duck Pond?, were very confusing to me. And I am not sure if it is because it is an "off season" but the ferry ride was at capacity and not enough room inside on this cold day.  I would hate to see it on a rainy day!

On the positive side, Cumberland has an abundance of wild horses.  While walking up a trail from the marsh, where I was extremely glad I had on my waterproof Timberland's (...seriously, if you don't own a pair...why not) I noticed people ahead of me taking pictures of me.  Glancing behind me to see what was the fuss; I encountered a bevy of babes, mares that is, meandering up from the marsh with me. I managed an "Oh, hey ladies" as I stepped out of their way to let them pass.  When you go to Cumberland, make no mistake, for all their beauty and majesty these horses are indeed wild and should be treated as such.  So, step aside I did, and became still in their presence.  Their every hoof step carried an air of grace and poise but I did not want to spook them with any sudden movement or flashes with my camera.  I did manage to get a few shots of them that I will be using as wall art in my home!  Enjoy!

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