Monday, August 12, 2013

Mind set on memory

I don't know if its lack of sleep or illness that has my mind set on memory today.  I had a girlfriend at church tell me one time that she'd give up her kids before she gave up her husband.  And not too many years later she had an affair and divorced her husband.  I've often wondered how that happened, what lead her to that place- where was she in her thinking? And where was I?  Where were any of her friends/family? Someone had to be close enough to her to see what was going on and wave a red flag in front of her face and say "What’s going on here???!?!"
I think we all need friends who are bold enough to stand up to say…hey stupid! What are you thinking? If not that bold then: Hey girlfriend-talk to me- tell me what your line of thought is here- where are you going with this-what do you think is going to happen if you do this?
It doesn't have to be just about relationships either- although that does seem to be the biggest problem we've got.  And for the record, I'm not one to get relationship- Do this to stay together- advice from because Kim Kardashian had kept her marriage together longer than my four month fiasco!
I can tell you this- women you need friends- AND fans of your marriage around you.  If you have a friend or family member who is not a fan of your marriage, be careful taking advice from them.  Keep in the back of your thinking: “misery loves company" And question if they're attempting to get you to join them!  Look at their track record in your life.  Have they consistently rooted for your failure so they can once again be the "I told you so"'s in your life?
I'm reading a book called Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ by Jeanne Guyon and remembering, rethinking, and wondering where I left my friends, family, and faith to fend for themselves.  Get yourself off your advice I've ever gotten!! 

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