Sunday, June 19, 2016

Love is love is love is love

I left the punctuation out for a reason.  I recently read a beautiful piece written by a dear friend of mine who related the moving Tony's moment by Lin-Manuel Miranda as: Love is, love is, love is! (*repeat x9).   Because that is the life filter in which she was viewing the moment.  At that moment she needed to hear Love IS!  We all needed to hear love is.  We needed to hear it everyday before and we'll need it everyday since that day in Orlando, because there will be other days.  One day will be our day, and we'll need to hear, know, understand and feel that love is...still.  Love is not dead, love has not gone away for us to wait for its expected return.  Love was left for us as a way to carry on.  We have cheapened it, abandoning it to be an emotion, a feeling of expression, a lust, a new pair of shoes or a favorite pizza flavor.  Yet in our darkest hour we once again see that love is.  We have pop culture references to remind us that All We Need Is Love, but we turn to everything but love.  We want a revolution, a revelation, a new person, place or thing to remind us of the one simple truth. Love is.  It angers us when we can't change it, hurts us when we think it's left us, and all the while Love simply is.  We rise up when we think others are perverting it, when all we need to do is realize that love can't be manipulated, bought, sold, traded, begged borrowed or stolen.  We all have the same measure of love, whether we are single or part of a large family.  Because you can't own love.  Love is.

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