Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I got up this morning to go into work early. Was going to get caught up. Only to find a voice mail indicating that my AM IV was to be moved to 2 pm~ I didn't even know I was doing an IV. And it was peak and trough labs. Great. Even if I got there early to draw the trough and start the gentamycin at one, by the time it finished infusing it would be 2. The peak should be drawn at 4. Labs close at 4. I'd have to drive them downtown to BMC main. So I changed around my other patients. Rearranged my day. Wasn't going to get upset. I should be accustomed to being screwed by BHHC right right? I've only been doing this for 2 years. Why would today be any different? I guess I just hoped against hope that one day I'd wake up and love being a nurse. I'd love going to work. So I go into work to find out who my patient was and the info on where to go. I took my supplies out to my car. Put my keys down in the trunk and then shut it. Great. Perfect. Now not only was I behind, I was 2 patients over in productivity, AND my keys were locked in the trunk of the car... So I sat at a desk and tried to move from my Left brain to my Right brain. Didn't work. Well it did for a little while. I pray that my son doesn't have to take a career for money. It really sucks. Oh if we could run away maybe we could change... get back on our feet again...finally make it home again..

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