Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dying social skills

I was listening to KSBJ this morning while they were talking about the amount of texting that people do. I had the opportunity several years ago to attend a gathering with a vibrant online community. There were moments of awkward silence, referred to as the 60 second rule. (At the online community you have to wait 60 seconds between posts.) Even though there were strong friendships made prior to the actual meeting.

All of this got me thinking. Is the online social networking, killing social skills? Have we become so online driven that we are actually loosing face to face communication skills? (Have you ever used LOL or OMG in "Live" conversations?)

I have read other peoples blogs where they feel that blogs/journals are becoming a thing of the past due to the "What are you doing?" status update lines common to Twitter, or Facebook.

I do not have a solution to this. I merely see it as a trend in our social behavior. Any thoughts?

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