Sunday, May 03, 2009

Third Day on the third day finale

As the last of the Third Day on the third day approaches I'm perplexed on what to write about them. I last saw them GMA week in Nashville at a fundraiser sponsored by Big Kenny from the country band Big and Rich. The band played near the end of the evening, after a list of country music's finest artist, yet Third Day garnered the best crowd response! I don't know if everyone was just tired of sitting on their butts and wanted to be dancing or not, but it took very little encouragement from Mac Powell to get them up & at it! That "benefit crowd" really let their hair down and cut a rug!

It was only one song, but I pray that it left a lasting impression on them. It is very fitting that this is the finale of the 3D on the D3 blogs as it was probably my last time seeing Third Day for a while. (Until the Fall? maybe?)

Roll on Third Day and I will keep rockin'!

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CarolL said...

Sounds like you did a good job with your son. God will reward you.