Saturday, February 16, 2013

52 Parks~52 Weeks Fort Frederica National Monument

I have been "schooled" in what constitutes a National Park...and that there are only 59 National Parks.  I have been to two of them this year and am only planning on going to 8 more.(Note: since 2009 I have been to an additional four parks that I am not repeating this year.)  However if you go to the National Park Service's web page you can find a plethora of other parks that fall under National Historical Sites, Scenic Trails, Heritage Areas, Seashore, Military Park, and Recreational Areas as well as others.    It is from this list of National Parks that I have chosen my 52 parks in 52 weeks personal challenge.
For today's adventure I chose Fort Frederica National Monument.  Today was the annual celebration of the fort.  I sat down with General Oglethorpe and asked him was the weather this cold on the day of their original arrival.  He told me that they actually arrived in June and that it was hot, and he wouldn't be dressed in his red coat but rather his whites.  I asked him why we celebrate Fort Frederica in February and he replied that I would have to wait and ask my yet to be formed government.  I thought he was very witty and funny, however my dear General I have found that you did in fact come here in February.  Here is a link to a simplistic timeline of your life! And here are a couple shots of the day.  Do not wait for a "family vacation" to think that you can go to a National Park (and support the National Park Service while doing so!)  So grab your waterproof Timberland's and find a trail, or monument or battlefield...

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