Sunday, February 03, 2013

Sometimes it's about more than football

I watched a man die today in a grocery store parking lot.  Being in the medical field I am surrounded by life and potential death every day, and it never gets easier… As I drove up into the parking lot I had to move over for the fire truck to pass.  As I parked I immediately began to assess the situation.  The staff from the store had an AED on the man already, and it appeared as though they had fired it once but I cannot be certain.   I walked up to the JFRD guys and told them that I was a nurse and asked if there was anything I could do to help them out.  I bet they get that a lot.  I knew I couldn't  and that they wouldn't let me help, but I had to ask.  I felt compelled to do something.  When JFRD thanked me and told me no, I did the only other thing I know to do.  I started praying…out loud…through a tear trembling voice.  I got a couple of heads turning, but for the most part I think they just agreed with me.  I still pray that God’s perfect will come for that man’s family.  I think that from a medical standpoint he was down for too long to recover …unless God chooses to recover him.   So as I get ready for evening service, because we are having church even though the best commercials…I mean the Super Bowl is on TV, I have been reminded how fragile this life is.  I know that we have the hope of glory, but I don’t want to get there before my time… It would be hateful to show up only to be told I wasn't supposed to be there yet!  My pastor said in service this morning that death is just the transporter for us from here to eternity.  Then I got the opportunity to watch it in action.  It’s still not easy.  I honestly pray that I never get to the point that the loss of human life doesn't have a profound effect on me, that it will always cause me to shed tears, even if I have no idea who it is that has slipped into their forever home.  


Silverose said...

One of my coworkers passed away early this morning. He was 78 years old, he worked just to keep himself busy. He had cancer, put off treatment for too long. I think he was just ready to go home. Saying prayers for the man and his family that died in the parking lot. Life is too fragile to be handled any other way!

Carol (TDfan) said...

I hope he knew Jesus and is with Him now. Such a tragedy to die without warning. Thanks for being a nurse and helping people. Not an easy job.