Monday, June 11, 2007

~Just passing through~

I received my autographed copy of this book in the mail today. How exciting. When I opened the front cover to begin reading I was struck by the comment... To my dad... I hope people see some of you in me...
For most of this year I’ve been consumed with the desire for people to see more of my heavenly father in me!! Now that they’ve given my earthy father very little hope of recovery I too want people to see a little of him in me. It brought home the fact that we are not alone in our walks, and our situations are not unique to us. What makes us unique is how we take the adversity, or the joy and apply it to our lives. Its how we choose to walk it out. What we choose to show a reflection of is what we hold dearest. The ones we think are cool we immolate. The styles we see on others that we love we adopt. I want to find God cool! LOL I want copy His style and mannerisms. I want to see a reflection of Him in my mirror, and feel him in my marrow. I want to breathe the breath that He has, and flow in grace and mercy with the favor of the Lord!
Thank you Jason for the book. May God bless you in all that you do!

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