Tuesday, August 14, 2007

~The Famous Ones~

I’ve recently read two gushing fan posts on two separate message boards for Christian music artist where the fans have gotten the opportunity to meet the band/artist. It made me think.
What if we went to a new church. And once we were there, we met someone who went to our "home" church. We weren’t exactly friends but they seemed nice enough. They offered pleasant conversation, compliments on our family and appeared interested in really getting to know us. Later that evening we attend church again only to find that every word we had spoken to that "friend" was typed out in the bulletin!
What if our spouse wasn’t with us that morning. But they were present at the evening service, and they got to read everything that we had said. How would we feel? Wouldn’t we feel just a little violated/ betrayed?
I challenge fans to look deep inside and see what it is we’re chasing after. Who is the famous one in our lives?

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