Monday, August 20, 2007

~We are Family~

My mom is one of 12 kids. And they all live here in Jacksonville. All but 2 of the 12 had at least 3 children, some had 4. Now all of those children have had at least 1 child, some 3. (Stay with me on this). Now all of those children are growing up and beginning lives of their own. Tonight we had a wedding shower for my cousins son Derek (Raymond Derek actually). He is 20, hard to believe. Since it was a "women's" thing and all of the men weren't there we didn't need to rent out a space to have the party. The 'original 12' get together a 2-3 times per year with the whole bunch getting together at least once yearly. At times I dislike having so many people in my business lol. But times like tonight I so love that I belong to them! I wouldn't trade my huge extended family for anything. We grew up close, and we're still close. I know my cousins best friends and they don't understand me and mine HAHA (LOVE YA GOMERS!) But what would life be without them?
One of my aunts died a couple of years ago and her husband remarried. Tonight they were discussing how his new wife is in the hospital so they were planning trips up to visit with her. I thought wow. Charles was married to my aunt and even death can't take him out of the family. (I hope he doesn't mind us holding on to him LOL!)
I bet when we all get to heaven (what a day of rejoicing that will be...when we all see Jesus..) We're going to be the same way. One big extended family. Rejoicing around the throne. Some days I long for heaven more than others. (Everybody wants to go to heaven ... but nobody wants to die.... lol. ) Today is one of those days. Be blessed, and rejoice, rejoice and sing with the angel voice's!

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