Sunday, July 15, 2007

Bad? or Good Monsters?

Yesterday my son gets his paycheck and immediately requests me to take him to Family Christian Book story to purchase a plethora of Cd's (4 to be exact...wanted more but mom made him stop at just 4..."they're not going anywhere, they'll be here next week when you get another check. Please don't spend everything today"..)

We get in the car and the first thing we hear is Turkish Delight from the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack. I love DC*B. No more from that CD it was off to the next one. Reliant K then got to waste a little more than 10 seconds of my life! LOL If you haven't heard the CD then you might not understand. It really wasn't wasted but that really is a song...really... Toby's Portable Sounds rounded out the session. It was "BOOMIN"! out the stereo system for sure. Then Chance put in Good Monsters by Jars of Clay. After the first song he takes it out. And back to Turkish Delight it was for the remainder of the evening.

Later while I'm sitting charting my 29 charts for the week, I put Good Monsters back in. And the whole CD is good but especially the last 6 songs. I found myself staring at the laptop thinking WOW. Feeling WOW.

I've been praying now for at least a week straight, "God I want to quiet the drama that I usually create in my life! I don't want you to constantly have to speak to my storm but rather speak to me! It's in the quiet that I hear you whisper in my ear, and in the stillness of the night that your having to guide my life!... I want that to change. I want to live so still in You God that your free to speak to me in all and everything." Yet here I sit. Saturday night. Deadline at work. With 29 charts to get through.... Jesus stepped out on the water that night and would have passed them by ... Oh My God ~don't let it be so with me! I strongly suggest that if there are storms blowing you around right now that you get QUITE...BE STILL before God. IF you need outside help to calm your thoughts, pick up Good Monsters and just sit and watch the songs unfold. Hope won't hide the loss.....BUT GOD!

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