Saturday, July 28, 2007

~Fudge Rounds!!~

I had an absolutely beautiful day on the lake today. The praise/media teams went to the lake house of our worship leader on Lake Winnott.

A whole day of laughter and praising God without one note, one song, one lyric...yet still God was there. You could feel Him in the breeze~see Him in the clouds~hear Him in the thunder of laughter that echoed across the lake and back again.

We talked about concerts. We talked about the frequency of worship and who was doing what...and what we were going to do. We talked about things to come and days gone by and opened up our intimate lives to really get to know each other past the 1st and 2ND layers. We talked about the drawing of/ calling of God, and how He changed us from _____ but more important is that we love what He has changed us to. And thank God Almighty He hasn't left us to ourselves now. But He's still showing us things about ourselves that need work.

So everything about me today was utterly saturated in God's love & His blessings & His gifts through deep spirited friendships that have roots that went down even deeper tomorrow I'm looking for the new growth. The new buds on the tree~ the new fragrance of worship as new life, growth spring forth from the rain/watering/saturation of our souls today!

Thank you Bill and Stacey for allowing the blessings of overflow to saturate all those who know you!!

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