Wednesday, July 04, 2007

My pastor said Wednesday night that God's not up in heaven with his arms holding back an outpouring. Yet we cry~God I/we want to the outpouring of your Spirit!... We want to see Your Glory manifested here on this earth. And the whole time~the Holy Ghost is present among us. Everything Jesus did that day was given to us. The power of heaven is at our words... But we don't know how to tap into it. And were so full of ourselves and not Him, that there is no room for Him to flow through us. He is not going to fight through the storms of our life~ the drama around us (that we usually create) to get to a calm that He is able to speak to us through. Jesus was asleep during the storm that night & when they work him all he did was speak QUITE...BE STILL!... Do you still have no faith?

There was an awesome faith that Jesus used to raise his own dead body from the grave because it was already written/spoken over Him!! I want that kind of supernatural faith active in my life! That I can speak the power of life into someone else's life!

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