Friday, July 04, 2008

The DMV & Me

Yesterday I went to the DMV. I transferred my "THRDAY" tag over to Chance's Bronco II that he is officially getting today. **Just for the record I am wayyyyy to young to have a 16 year old!!**
DMV Clerk, "Thursday?"
"No, (giggle) its actually Third Day. They're a Christian rock band."
"Ah, I wonder how they got their name? What did God do on the third day."
**Blank stare not sure if she was kidding**
"Um, he created vegetation." (laughing out loud now)
"Really? Thats funny"
"Oh wait, there was that whole raised-from-the-dead thing too"
"Ah So are we not supposed to eat meat?"
*Realizing she is serious and has no idea what I'm talking about*
"No, we can eat meat. On the third day Jesus was raised from the dead as our savior."
"Shows you how much I go to church right?"
"Well you should come to my church, you'd have a blast! I go to an Assembly of God... we know how to rock!"
"I don't know.. I was raised Catholic, you know the whole stand-sit-kneel thing. The first time I went to church here in the south I was like whoa~ your not supposed to talk in church."
**haha**"Well it'd be hard for me to keep silent!"
"Have a great holiday"
"You too, hope to see you Sunday."

I dated a guy that was Catholic once. I wonder what Jerry is up to these days. He took me to church with him. I don't remember the whole stand-sit-kneel thing. I do remember not understanding half of what was going on, and Jerry's smile that day while watching me. Funny how sometimes all you remember is a look or a touch. I honestly don't remember what he said to get me there or what he said afterward. But I remember the way he looked at me and smiled at that moment.

Let your smile speak for you today. It might be all they remember on day....

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