Sunday, July 20, 2008

When the banks became cathedrals ...

I was listening to Cold Play yesterday and this line stuck out at me. I know when they wrote it the analogy was probably inferring that we started worshiping money so therefore the "banks became cathedrals."

When I heard it yesterday my thought was, hum. How true that line is, but on a different level. Today as the banks are closing, they are no more than hollow empty places to be. Very similar to some of the Cathedrals, or houses of God of today. After all aren't we to be the house of God?

Some days I feel hollow. I think I eat too much on those days. LOL Why am I searching and what I searching for? I have God. I know where He is and where He fits in my life. Why isn't that enough? I think maybe, I'm searching for a different "him" haha. I've never done that before.

Here I sit at 10:23 on a Sunday night, with a whole week of charting that needs to be done, eating a double cheese burger from 5 Guys and Some Fries. Pouring my heart out to a blank computer page, with a mindless TV blaring in the background for noise to drown out the quiet. In stead of cuddling up with a book, resting my head listening to the heart beat of another. (That is assuming my charting was done)


Rowena said...

I will have to find that song by Cold Play (it must be on one of the newer albums?) and hear it for myself. A very accurate analogy of the banks, I might add.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. Fame? Bah!! They should have also thrown in a tshirt, so that I could at least walk around and "advertise" for them! lol!

Rowena said...

Thanks for letting me know....I've heard it a couple of times on the radio, and now I know who is the group behind the song!