Saturday, May 19, 2007


Some blogs take longer to find their way to words...This is one of those...
At my son’s birthday party the kids had come prepared to play "man hunt" (hide & seek with teams, the older kids version of the game) It was dark. We set boundaries. They had rules. As the game was progressing Chance came to me. Mama, we’ve lost someone. "What do you mean you’ve lost someone?" "We’ve looked for almost an hour and we can’t find him." Parent/Guardian called. Search teams gone out. 2 hours go by. Still no kid. Then miraculously here he walks up. Dirt on his clothes. Scratching his head. "I’m sorry...I fell asleep" In the middle of the party. In the middle of the game. Early in the evening. He fell asleep.
I forgot to take my communion yesterday morning. And in the middle of the day. In the middle of my job. Early in the day. It hits me, BAM! This thought explodes in my head... Don’t fall asleep. This is a battle. Lives are at stake. Souls could be lost. They could see this man of God fall, and in their anger turn away from God. I’ve set myself to fight. I’ve come to win. God has set boundaries. God has rules. Its dark right now, but I’ll not fall asleep!

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