Tuesday, May 15, 2007

~Proverbs 2~

God I accept your words & store up your commandments. I turn my ear to your wisdom & apply my heart to understanding.
I’m still stuck in frequency mode. The airways are charged with the frequency of God. Now I’m wondering how many of us frequent Gods frequency? Is all I have to give enough? Am I God’s Cain or Able?
Yesterday was another MD’s apt for daddy. They had said your cancer free, but we need to do chemo/radiation to ensure that it doesn’t grow back again. They said he could wait until June to begin treatments. Then did another PET scan for radiation markers. The MD called last Thurs to say they needed him to come in as soon as possible. There is new activity.
Home from the MD last night for a family dinner & chat. They’ve told dad he has a 0-10% chance of recovery. He started 8 hours a day (one day a week) chemo coupled with radiation. Cyber knife next week...

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