Monday, May 28, 2007

~Oh how good it is... when brothers dwell together~

Ok so there were 13 of us total this past extended weekend. My brothers and their families took my son and went for a whole week. We had a full weekend of no arguments, no disagreements. We weren’t always in unison on what we wanted to eat or where we wanted to go. But we stayed together. We all had a common goal. We were there to spend as much time with our father. We’ve never really had fights among us. We grew up in a military family so we moved around a lot. As kids we were each others best friends. Now were not all of the same denomination. But we all still believe in the same God
It would be really neat to see the family of Christ living as each others best friends. Were none the same. We have our own families. We’re not the same denominations. But we all still believe in the same God. The symbolism of 12 of us hanging out, trying to get closer to our earthly father kept me thinking about hanging out and trying to get closer to my heavenly Father. I really pray that the mind set of the collective church will be transformed to looking for Him in everyday life. Not being so "heavenly minded that we’re no earthly good" but living our life with every thought, every action bringing us back to the realization that He exists. Not as a thing to hope for, or a standard to live up to but a real live person. Who still walks among us. Who still speaks to us, who still wants a relationship with us.
God I thank you for drawing me. Thank you for not leaving me to myself. Thank you for just being ever present in my life.

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