Saturday, May 05, 2007

~I love how You love me! Psalm 18:19&20~

I love that you care enough to always be there. I love your smile in the morning ~like the dew as its sets~ is always fresh. I love the feel of your breath on my cheek as I lean in to hear you speak. I love how you gently pull my hearts string awaking the river that flows from within me. I love how, no matter how many times I read your word, I always find something new in you. I love how your changing me from what I am to who you are. I love your vision & plan & design for my life. I love how gently you show me myself & love me enough to help me change it. I love how you have given your best for me. I love how you’ve replaced the loneliness with your lovingkindness. Thank you for not leaving me to myself. I love that you are bringing me forth into a larger place, delivering me because you delight in me! And because I have chosen to walk with clean hands and a pure heart you are pouring your love on me! I pour myself out to be an empty vessel for you to pour your love through. I love you my Lord, my God, my creator & my strong tower, my heartbeat & the very breath I breathe.

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