Saturday, April 28, 2007

~All Your promises won’t let go of me~

I'm glad that all Your promises won't let go of me & I can't forget about it! I'm glad to know that I can trust who He is in me & not what I see! That cancer cant keep me from believing in God! And even though every step brings me back to the pain, I have the joy in the reign of Your Spirit in my life. I will press through I will know you! Not just Your words on a page but Your life in my soul. My mind will seek You first & the beauty of your holiness will guide my steps & my words. I will be filled with and controlled by the Holy Ghost in all and any area of my life. For the Christian death is nothing to fear, but if you live in fear then death surely will come to steal the word away. The enemy of all righteousness will not prevail against this saint!! My heart sings in spite of what I see! Because all of Your promises wont let go of me!!

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