Saturday, April 28, 2007

~Your Glory Revealed~

...and then we will see the glory of the Lord revealed....
Sorry for not posting a blog yesterday but I got the opportunity to go see the Glory Revealed tour, and it was an amazing evening. David Nasser made a comment that has got me thinking. He said something along the lines of show me a church, that if the pastor were called away to preach somewhere else [because its scripture~that can happen with a right motive and a right calling] but show me a church that falls apart when that happens and I'll show you a church that has placed its faith/hope/trust in a pastor and not the Lord. That statement will make me change how I worship tomorrow. God forgive me for my love of the ministry and my love for praise. I don't want to be guilty of emotion and not devotion. While I do open my bible daily its often just to find inspiration for my journal [that has recently become this blog] We were asked can you quote one scripture with passage and verse for every year that you've been a Christian? My son could. I can rattle off the top of my head the mini verse catch phrases, "The joy of the Lord is my strength" etc, and all of the Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/ Hillsongs and of corse my Thirdday songs that are scripture set to verse but I cant tell you where to open your bible to in order to find it. So I basically have words that sound beautiful & inspire& sometimes lead you to into an emotional "Mountain of God" but I don't have the ability to tell you where to turn to read it for yourself. For that I'm sorry God. So rather than get a big concordance & walk around with it, I choose to get to know, really know with a depth of understanding, I want to know you my Lord God almighty!

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