Saturday, April 28, 2007

Oh another Friday night. PT actually wasn't that bad today... however I could walk better BEFORE I went I know its for my own good but does it have to hurt so bad. I was thinking today, wow what He must have felt. Since todays the day that we've officially set aside in remembrance. I was thinking about last week,& how different the scriptures would read if that donkey had thought the parade was for him! I try to keep myself off of my hands so that they're free to reach out and help others. I'm so glad that I am free to live a life of praise!! One of my therapist made the comment that she wanted to go to church since it was Easter... I guess since I go every week because I live what I believe, I couldn't imagine ever not going to church. I can't imagine how shallow, or empty my life would feel without Him. I smiled at the therapists and simply said, well that's a great reason to go. I pray that wherever she goes, God will meet her there. And that she can experience a face to face living God encounter!
The Parade
He came riding in early one spring day. And the people thought that their Messiah was on the way. Just as Isaiah had told them long ago. He would come riding on a donkey and her colt. Oh I've never realized the magnitude of it. But we're to be the donkey that brings the world Him!
Have you ever wondered 'bout the mysteries of His awesome word. And the truths that we've been given in the lessons that we've heard. How we often lay them down when the road starts to turn. Instead of living out the grace and power that we've learned. Oh I've never realized until I heard from you, that I'm to be the instrument that you work through!
What if...oh what if they had thought the parade was for them? What if... oh what if we never turn no never learn to show the world Him. Oh can they see the spirit of grace and power on me? Can they see the Jesus living in me?

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