Saturday, April 28, 2007

~So I say Get On!!~

"Your body will take you places that your soul does not want to go." Rev. L. Adkins. When I first heard that my mind exploded. WOW! Jesus' body took him to a cross that He did not want to bear. & Our bodies too will take us places that our souls don't want to go. For me right now its physical therapy.
Over at the ThirdDay message boards we have a thread about a "preacher" who is preaching against ThirdDay and the "Gomers." I look at the scriptures and in my minds eye I see a multitude of Christian "do gooders" who think our "Mission" in life is to take Christ to a dying world by going into the streets & bars& brining them back to God. When in truth the lost of this world do not want what the collective "Church" has to offer right now. The Church is not a gift to the world nor is she a gift to be given in marriage as a bride! If the Church had the power of God in operation then every man, woman, child & nation under the sun would be clinging to it! I think the Church needs to start the clean up at home. We need to get the stye out of our own eye. I feel that as long as we all believe that Jesus was the Son of God~ was born to a virgin~ suffered on the cross~died for our sins~ rose from the grave (on the third day ) and now sits at the right hand of the Father. What does anything else matter? If you don't like or believe in women preachers then don't go to a church that has one. If you don't believe in speaking in tongues, or laying of hands don't go somewhere that does those things. But don't engage in a log debate over who is right & waste your time in a fight. Believe what you believe (become what you believe!) And as long as the foundation is the same then let others believe what they believe.
A body has many parts that don't all function or look & feel like the rest but it functions under one core. You need your liver as much as you need your kidneys. Both work as a filter but they don't function a like, they don't look a like, they don't have the same output yet both function in their own way to filter the blood. Get it? So lets get on about the work of the kingdom, which is to change from what you are to what He is so that others will see you and glorify your Father God which is in heaven. AMEN!

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