Saturday, April 28, 2007

~It’s a world wide call to everything we’re not~

Ah the "other" Mac. Sometimes its fun just to party. It's a world wide call to everything that we're not... Right now I'm not happy. I'm battling the truth that I see and the truth that I want to be. I call those things that are not as though they were, against all hope I still believe in hope [check out Romans 4:17-18] I didn't go to dads surgery yesterday. Mom said the MD came out to talk to her & said the he'd fight with us as long as we fought, but if there was anything that dad wanted to do , let him do it.
As a single mom my dad has been Chance's dad too. And Jason (since you're the only one who reads these lol) you know how wonderfully cool & well behaved (he goes with me to work everyday now & I get so many compliments on his manners and looks lol) he is. He turns 15 in a couple of weeks (5/7). & now is the time in his life that he needs a father to turn to. My heart hurts!!! Through my wrong decisions I've never been able to give ham a father so I've shared mine. I sat him down this morning over blueberry pancakes (his favorite breakfast) & told him what the MD said against the advice of my mom. I told him that right now every word holds the poer of life & death so don't day what you see say what you believe. Because God is still GOD!!

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