Saturday, April 28, 2007

~You are Holy~

I am wholly yours O God! Ezra 8:28 says, "Your are holy unto the Lord" Today is a bad pain day which usually translates as a good pain med day, but not today. If I believe that God you never change, and I have unfailing love for me then today is the day I walk free. I want to know you God & be so close to you that I don't even realize where I stop and you start. I want to be wholly holy yours! I don't care about what I see, hear & feel because in the scope of eternity, what is today? And what am I if not yours? I know you love me I've seen your favor in my life, I've felt you move~ I've heard your voice~! Nothing, NOTHING in my life matters compared to you and your glory. Lord make me more like you today. I feel you drawing me & I don't know what for but I want to be a holy vessel that you can trust. I want you God to be able to trust my motives, my mouth, my attitude, trust where I place my foot and lay my hand, I want you to trust your very presence inside of me. So that its not me but you that lives thru me! God if I'm to be single the rest of my days~ show me how to walk it out your way! Show me how to walk thru the ain& the heart break over my dad& still be found on the other side praising. Show me how to trust what I know about you to be true, that nothing but the will of God can come. More than me I want you!!

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