Saturday, April 28, 2007

~Our God is a God who Saves!!~

He holds the keys of life my Lord, death has no sting no final word!!
I once told a friend that its better to laugh thru the pain than cry thru the rain. With the recent VA Tech shootings its hard to relate to laughter. But GOD says the Joy of the Lord is my strength and God can't lie!! In fact God doesn't change! We change, our circumstances change, our finances constantly change, the report from the doctors changes But the report of the Lord never changes He is the same God yesterday-today- and forever! We should wake up every morning and say God you are God and ruler over my life and I give you full control today! I will be filled with and controlled the Holy Spirit of God. I choose as an act of my will to yield to Your will in my life today so that my light may shine and will glorify my Father who art in heaven! I'll not be shiny but that YOU SHINE!! And Nothing but the will of God can come!

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