Saturday, April 28, 2007

Wed April 4th 2007

What is my mood?.. I guess it would have to be determined... Determined not to get a bad image in my head everytime I hear that someone is a Physical Therapist! As a nurse I must admit that I haven't always had much sympathy for people who are painfully undergoing brutial PT. MRI says that nothing is wrong with my knee YEAH!! So why can't I put weight on it?..Being my age & weight doesn't look good falling down! Talk about sky falling down! And why does the 19yr old who didn't even tap on his breaks before slamming into the back of me have anything wrong with him... and, on a side note why does workmans comp only pay 80% of my salery... It means that I have to actually miss GMA week...and the Glory Revealed tour (that hurts worse than therapy haha)

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