Saturday, April 28, 2007

~I will not be silent~

Hold not thy peace O god of my praise! Psalm 109
I felt a change this morning, that I couldn't explain. Its been three days since Sunday. LOL I know nothing but the will of God can come. I've known that my praise ushers in your peace~Thank you for Your word that won't let me go! I thank you God for inspiring and giving my praise to those that put it to rhyme and give it back to me. The things of my heart that I don't know how to express, you've given to those who say it best. Thank you praisers /worshipers for living a life obedient to the call of the ministry & for the sacrifice that you make to be a vessel worthy of honor. I will live with pure hands and a clean heart so that my praise will not be in vein, but rather His praise will run through my veins and my heart will beat with yours O God now and forever more!

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